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Press Release

Reappointments and Appointments by the Mayor of London
21-6-2004   217

Ken Livingstone, Mayor of London, today announced he had decided to reappoint the Directors responsible for the chief areas of work within the Mayor’s Office. He also announced that he was appointing Eric Ollerenshaw, the leader of the Tory Group on the London Assembly prior to 10 June, to the Board of the London Development Agency.

Ken Livingstone said:

‘On 10 June London’s voters affirmed support for the direction of the policies that I have been implementing for the last four years and their desire for those to be continued and developed. I am reappointing those Policy Directors responsible for the successful implementation of these policies during my first term and require from them in the next four years the same level of success in implementing policy as was approved by the electorate on 10 June.  

‘Eric Ollerenshaw lost his seat on the London Assembly due to the workings of London’s proportional representation system despite an overall maintenance of the positions of the Conservative Party in the Assembly elections.  I am appointing Eric Ollerenshaw to the Board of the London Development Agency with immediate effect.’

The appointments in the Mayor’s Office made by Mr Livingstone are the following
Director of Business Planning and Regeneration – Neale Coleman
Director of Economic and Business Policy - John Ross
Director of Environment - John Duffy
Director of Equalities and Policing - Lee Jasper
Director of Major Projects and Service Delivery - Murziline Parchment
Director of Transport and Public Affairs - Redmond O’Neill
Mr O’Neill will also be Deputy Chief of Staff.
The salary for each of the posts will be £111,000.
The Mayor has also issued advertisements for a Director of Media and Marketing, a Head of the European Office and a Chief of Staff.  The Mayor’s Chief of Staff in the previous term, Simon Fletcher, resigned that post at the start of the election to be Mr Livingstone’s campaign director.
Since these are either new or vacant posts they have to be advertised.
Prior to 10 June’s election for Mayor and London Assembly Mr Ollerenshaw was leader of the Conservative Group on the Assembly. He had been elected in the party list section of the Assembly. Following the Conservative Party’s victory in the Brent and Harrow constituency on 10 June Mr Ollerenshaw lost his seat under London’s proportional representation system.



Notes to Editors

The chief areas of responsibility of the posts are the following
Neale Coleman – Director of Business Planning and Regeneration. In the Mayor's first administration, Mr Coleman was responsible for strategic housing policy including the introduction of the 50% requirement for affordable housing.  He was responsible for the Mayor’s policy on major regeneration and development projects such as London’s bid for the Olympic Games, Wembley stadium, and projects in the Thames Gateway. Together with the GLA's Finance Director he advised the Mayor on business planning for the GLA Group’s £8 billion a year budget.
John Duffy – Director of Environment. In Mr Livingstone’s first administration Mr Duffy was responsible for the Mayor’s policies on the environment including noise, waste, biodiversity and energy. He set up and implemented the Capital Standards Partnership which was set up to help improve London's Street Environment. Mr Duffy will work with the Deputy Mayor to Deliver a Climate Change Agency for London.
Lee Jasper - Director of Equalities and Policing. In Mr Livingstone’s first administration Mr Jasper was responsible in the Mayor’s Office for policing strategy and day to day liaison between the Mayor and the Metropolitan Police Authority and the Metropolitan Police Service. He was responsible in the Mayor’s Office for leading on the expansion of the Metropolitan Police Service by 5,000 officers and for the Mayor’s police Efficiency and Effectiveness Review. Mr Jasper represents the Mayor on a number of London strategic criminal justice and crime reduction Boards and on the Government’s Police Reform Steering Group.
Redmond O’Neill - Director of Transport and Public Affairs. In Mr Livingstone’s first administration Mr O’Neill was responsible in the Mayor’s Office for oversight of  transport policies including the introduction of congestion charging and the expansion of bus ridership by 1.5 million a day. He was responsible for drafting the Mayor’s Transport Strategy. Mr O’Neill is in charge of the Mayor’s public consultation programme, its major public events and the GLA’s relationships with central government, parliament and London stakeholders.
Murziline Parchment - Director of Major Projects and Service Delivery. Ms Parchment in the Mayor’s first administration was responsible for ensuring preparation of new large scale infrastructure projects and services such as the Thames Gateway Bridge, the projected West London Tram, and the London Development Agency’s affordable  childcare  investment programme. She is a Member of the Board of Transport for London appointed by the Mayor.
John Ross – Director of Economic and Business Policy. In Mr Livingstone’s first administration Mr Ross was responsible for the Mayor’s policy for London’s economy, was the Mayor’s chief point of contact with the business community, was in charge for the Mayor of the Crossrail project , was responsible for the economicand business dimension of the London Plan, and  was responsible for London’s tourism recovery package following the Iraq war. Mr Ross attends the Board of the London Development Agency as the Mayor’s representative.
The salaries for the posts were set at the standard level of GLA directors following independent evaluation.
The Mayor’s London Development Agency is the Regional Development Agency for London. Its Board is appointed by the Mayor. It must have a majority of members with a business background but also has four members from elected local authorities. Mr Ollerenshaw is a member of Hackney council. His appointment is with immediate effect.

For further information please contact the Mayor’s Press Office on 020 7983 4070.

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