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Housing & Homelessness

  • Accessible Living in London: A Feasibility Study for an Accessible Housing Register for London - November 2004
    This report is based on research commissioned by the GLA and carried out by Pathways Research, to examine ‘the best way of improving information and access to wheelchair adapted and other accessible housing for disabled people in London’. The project arose from a commitment in the London Plan Policy 3A.4 (Feb 2004) and the London Housing Strategy 2003 that the Mayor would investigate the feasibility of establishing a London register of accessible housing in both the public and private sector.

    The report proposes that a web-based Accessible Housing Register (AHR) should be established on a London-wide basis. The register would contain details of available accessible properties across London and people looking for accessible housing and it would be integrated with Choice-Based Lettings schemes. It would also have the potential to record and advertise information about vacant accessible properties in the private sector.

    Accessible Living in London: A Feasibility Study for an Accessible Housing Register for London PDF
    Accessible Living in London: A Feasibility Study for an Accessible Housing Register for London RTF

    The full research findings are available in the following report:

    Accessible Housing Register for London: A Feasibility Study - Part 2 PDF
    Accessible Housing Register for London: A Feasibility Study - Part 2 RTF

  • Community Land Trusts and Mutual Housing Models November 2004
    This report looks at the potential of Community Land Trusts and housing co-ops to address the housing needs of people on low and medium incomes. Set against the background of the requirements of the London Plan and the strategic policy context of creating sustainable communities, it focuses specifically on the new mutual model of intermediate housing developed by CDS Co-operatives.

    Community Land Trusts and Mutual Housing Models PDF
    Community Land Trusts and Mutual Housing Models RTF

  • Estimating the numbers of people in housing need and at risk of homelessness in London April 2004
    The Greater London Authority commissioned the New Policy Institute to carry out an analysis of existing data sets to estimate the numbers of people in housing need and at risk of homelessness in London. It is purely a factual and transparent quantification exercise, which quantifies the numbers of people who are houseless or living in insecure or inadequate accommodation and estimates if their risk of becoming homeless is high, medium or low.

    Estimating the numbers of people in housing need and at risk of homelessness in London PDF (201K)
    Estimating the numbers of people in housing need and at risk of homelessness in London RTF (378K)

  • Safe and Sound: asylum seekers and temporary accommodation July 2004
    During 2003 the GLA, in partnership with the London Health Commission, undertook research to explore the experiences of one of the most socially excluded groups living in London - asylum seekers in temporary accommodation. A central aim of the research was to look at the impact of poor housing conditions on health and well-being. This report presents the key findings and makes recommendations aimed at improving the conditions in temporary accommodation for asylum seekers and the information, support and advice they receive. The GLA is also working towards getting minimum standards in temporary accommodation for homeless households extended to asylum seekers.

    Safe and Sound report PDF (800K)
    Safe and Sound report RTF (1MB)
    Safe and Sound appendices PDF (358K)
    Safe and Sound appendices RTF (1.6MB)

  • Market failure and the London housing market May 2003
    GLA Economics’s latest analysis of the London housing market reveals ample evidence of market failure. The report states that housing-related issues are among the most serious affecting the London economy and the lives of Londoners at present. Over recent years, demand for housing has been outstripping supply, and house prices have risen dramatically. In particular, there is a shortage of affordable housing for people on lower incomes, and social housing waiting lists are increasing.

    London housing market PDF
    London housing market RTF

  • Silting up? A survey of London hostels about move-on accommodation and support
    April 2003
    As part of the GLA's ongoing work on homeless in London, the Resource Information Service (RIS) were commissioned to survey London hostels and homeless projects about move-on accommodation and support. The research aims were to:
    • assess current levels of access to appropriate move-on accommodation and support
    • understand the nature and extent of any backlog in the current system
    • assess projected future demand for move-on accommodation and support

    This report outlines the results of the survey and highlights some key areas for further investigation.

    Silting up? Move-on report PDF
    Silting up? Move-on report RTF

  • GLA Population and Household Forecasts based on the First Results from the 2001 Census
    SDS Technical Report 23, January 2003
    GLA Population and Household Forecasts PDF
    GLA Population and Household Forecasts RTF

  • Update on Affordable Housing
    SDS Technical Report 22, September 2002
    Update on Affordable Housing PDF
    Update on Affordable Housing RTF

  • Future Housing Provision: Speeding Up Delivery (SDS Technical Report 2)
    February 2002, £10
    This report, commissioned by the GLA and the House Builders Federation to help in the preparation of the London Plan, was researched and written by a joint team of the University of Westminster led by Chris Marsh (Principal Lecturer in Planning and Development) and London Residential Research led by Professor Geoff Marsh. The team's work encompassed an analytical description of the house building industry in London, and investigation of barriers to the delivery of housing. Their research drew on quantitative data and also on the views of Borough Planning Officers and property professionals involved with delivering housing in London. The report puts forward a series of conclusions and recommendations for both the GLA and housebuilders.

    Future Housing Provision PDF
    Future Housing Provision RTF (excludes images)

  • Homes for London’s Women October 2001
    This report provides the latest key information on the housing situation of women living in the capital and has been informed by the ongoing work of key women’s organisations across the capital. It also sets out a list of actions to tackle some of the detailed issues relating to housing problems faced by women in London.

    Homes for London’s Women PDF
    Homes for London’s Women RTF

  • Affordable Housing (SDS Technical Report 1) July 2001, £10
    This report, commissioned to help in the preparation of the London Plan, is a study of the supply and potential supply of affordable housing in London. An important output of the study, described in the report, is a model that estimates the financial viability of affordable housing delivery in each of the 33 London boroughs. The report shows that a 50% affordable housing target is achievable in new build housing in London; however, increased public subsidy will be necessary for the majority of boroughs to deliver their affordable housing targets. The report was written by Lin Cousins and Kathleen Dunmore of Three Dragons, and Professor Michael Oxley at the Centre for Residential Development, Nottingham Trent University.

    Affordable Housing PDF
    Affordable Housing RTF (excludes images and appendix).

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