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How to contact us

On this page:

  • Greater London Authority employees - telephone or write to staff at the GLA
  • The Mayor - The Public Liaison Unit (PLU) deals with enquiries and requests for information on behalf of the Mayor (Greater London Authority)
  • The Public Liaison Unit - the team responsible for providing public information and handling enquiries
  • City Hall - information for visitors to City Hall
  • London Transport enquiries - for questions and comments about transport services, the Oyster Card or Congestion Charging
  • Policing enquiries - how to contact the Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA) or Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) if you have queries or complaints regarding policing in London

Elsewhere on this website:

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Greater London Authority

Our main address is:

Greater London Authority
City Hall
The Queen’s Walk
More London
London SE1 2AA

Main switchboard: 020 7983 4000

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Contacting the Mayor

The Public Liaison Unit (PLU) deals with all enquiries and correspondence on behalf of the Mayor. Any enquiry or request requiring a written response or detailed information should be made in writing to ensure full and accurate response. Exceptions will be made if the enquiry or request is from someone with a disability, which make its difficult for them to write.

Outstanding correspondence

The Mayor would like to thank you for your interest in his work and is keen to ensure that all enquiries requiring a written response are dealt with as quickly as possible, and in line with our 20 working day service standard. However due to the increased volume of enquires currently being received it is proving challenging to meet this in all cases.

Please note that transport related queries will be referred to Transport for London (TfL) for them to reply.

You can contact the Mayor as follows:

By email:

Postal Address:

Boris Johnson
Mayor of London
Greater London Authority
City Hall
The Queen's Walk
More London
London SE1 2AA

Telephone: 020 7983 4100
Minicom: 020 7983 4458
Fax: 020 7983 4057

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Public Liaison Unit

The GLA's Public Liaison Unit deals with general enquiries, as well as correspondence and enquiries addressed to the Mayor's Office. To contact the PLU you can email, or phone using any of the contact details provided above.

You can contact the PLU in writing or by telephone as above. For more information about the PLU, please see their service standards.

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City Hall

The location map page shows where City Hall is situated. Information on access for disabled visitors is available, including details of the best step-free routes to City Hall. The City Hall pages provide information about the building.

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London Transport enquiries

If you have an enquiry regarding London Buses, River Services, Street Management, Taxi & Private Hire, Victoria Coach Station, Docklands Light Railway, Croydon Tramlink, London Underground and Oystercards as well as transport related issues such as Congestion Charging and Bus Lane Enforcement please visit the Transport for London website or you can email

For complaints about transport services please refer to information on London TravelWatch, which is the statutory watchdog for most transport operators in and around London.

Congestion Charging - including registration, exemption and general enquiries - you need to contact the address below, as we do not have access to information held by the Congestion Charging Office.

Tel: 0845 900 1234

or write to:

Congestion Charging
PO Box 2985

Please note that any correspondence or complaints received by the GLA on transport issues may be forwarded to Transport for London for a response. Transport for London (TfL) is the integrated body responsible for the capital's transport system. Its role is to implement the Mayor's Transport Strategy for London and manage the transport services across the capital for which the Mayor has responsibility.

Policing enquiries (MPA/MPS)

Please note that any correspondence or complaints received by the GLA on policing issues may be forwarded to the Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA) for a response. The MPA oversees the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) and has responsibility for ensuring that the MPS is efficient, effective and fair. The MPA aims to reply to correspondence within 20 days, and will inform you if it is not possible to respond within this period. 

The Mayor is also Chair of the MPA and, if your correspondence to him relates to a policing matter or is intended for the Mayor in his capacity as Chair of the MPA, either operational or policy, then your correspondence will be forwarded to the MPA for reply.

If you have a general enquiry regarding policing in your local area or Londonwide, then please visit either the MPS website or the MPA website . Alternatively you can email the MPA at

Complaints about specific incidents with the police should, in the first instance, be made to the MPS for local investigation. Complaints can either be raised online at or by post to:

DPS Customer Service Team
Metropolitan Police Service
Jubilee House
230-232 Putney Bridge Road
London SW15 2PD

Tel: 020 8785 8666
Minicom 020 8785 8666
Textrelay no: 18001 is available for deaf and hard of hearing people.

It is important to note that the Mayor is not able to intervene directly in complaints about specific incidents involving the police.

Alternatively you can make your complaint directly to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC). The IPCC ensures that suitable arrangements are in place for dealing with complaints against the police in England and Wales, and for dealing with serious failings even where no complaint has been made. The IPCC investigates only the most serious cases and the vast majority of complaints are handled by the local force.  However, a member of the public can appeal to the IPCC about the outcome of their local complaint. Complaints can either be raised online at or by post to:

Independent Police Complaints Commission
90 High Holborn
London WC1V 6BH

or via the complaint line, 0853 002 002

Please note that any appeals regarding an existing complaint should be made directly to the IPCC and that the Mayor has no involvement with this process. For further information, please see the IPCC How to make a complaint leaflet which provides a helpful step by step guide through the process.

If you wish to contact the MPA direct then please either visit their website at or email or write to:

Metropolitan Police Authority
10 Dean Farrar Street
London SW1H ONY

Tel: 020 7202 0202
Fax: 020 7202 0200

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