UPS electric van

In November 2008, UPS announced an order of twelve electric vehicles from Modec, the manufacturer of the world's first purpose-built zero-emission package car. Six vehicles were introduced into UPS's UK fleet in February of this year with the remaining six to be operated in Germany.

The quiet, zero-emission vehicle is the first of its kind to effectively harness the power of modern, high energy batteries to meet the medium range, high performance requirements of hard working, urban delivery vehicles. The vehicles operate out of UPS's Camden facility, which lies within London's Low Emission Zone and is the company's central package facility in the capital.

The order followed a successful nine month trial of the vehicle's capabilities last year, when it performed well by using only 25% of its full battery charge per day during the course of its delivery routes in North-West, East and Central London. Each zero emission vehicle can undertake one hundred miles on one overnight charge.

"Our recent order of electric vehicles for London represents an important step towards making our fleet and operations more sustainable in the UK. At UPS, we have an ongoing commitment to reducing our carbon footprint, and we are continually assessing how to make the best use of alternatively fuelled vehicles on a global level." Jim Barber, Managing Director, UPS UK &Ireland