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London Assembly
26 March 2003

Chamber, City Hall, The Queen's Walk, London SE1 2AA

Sally Hamwee
Chair of London Assembly
17 March 2003
Samantha Heath
Deputy Chair of London Assembly

A meeting of the Assembly will be held to deal with the business listed below. This meeting has access for people with a disability and will be open to the public.

Many meetings of the London Assembly and its Committees are webcast live, and you can also view past meetings.


Downloadable files for agenda papers are grouped at the end of the page, linked from the appropriate agenda item.

1. Apologies
To receive any apologies for absence

2. Chair's Announcements
To receive any announcements from the Chair.

3. Declarations of Interest

In accordance with the GLA Code of Conduct, Members must declare any personal interests they have in any item on the agenda or as they arise during the course of the meeting. Members must orally indicate to which item their interest relates. If they have a personal interest Members must also consider whether or not that interest is a prejudicial personal interest and take the necessary action.

Although you should consult paragraphs 10 and 11 of the Code, a personal interest is, generally, one that affects you (individually or a person/ body/organisation they have a close connection with) more than other people in London. If a member of the public, knowing all the relevant facts, would view your personal interest in the item being considered as so great that it is likely to prejudice your judgement of the public interest, then you have a prejudicial personal interest.

If you have a personal interest: you must declare the interest but can stay, speak and vote.
If you have a prejudicial personal interest: you must declare the interest, you cannot speak or vote on the item and must leave the room.

(i) That Members note the memberships of Functional Bodies and London Borough Councils as set out in the table at item 4, and that they be recorded in the minutes as personal interests.
(ii) That all Members declare any other personal or prejudicial personal interests in specific items on the agenda over and above those listed at item 4.

4. Mayor's Report

Attached is the Mayor's Report covering the period from 13 February to 12 March 2003. Also attached as a background paper to the Mayor's Report is a list of all the decisions taken during the same period that are not covered in the main body of the report.

5. Questions to the Mayor

6. Motions

To consider motions submitted by members of the Assembly

7. Date of Next Meeting
7 May 2003

8. Any Other Business the Chair Considers Urgent

Budget Committee - Proposed Investigation of GLA Procurement Issues

Note: This item is to be presented as an urgent item of business as, due to relevant Budget Committee meeting dates, it was not possible for this report to be published with the agenda for this meeting.

Further Information

If you have questions, would like further information about the meeting or require special facilities please contact:

Mark Roberts
Tel: 020 7983 4428
Minicom: 020 7983 4458

If you have any questions about individual reports please contact the report author whose details at the end of each report.

There is limited underground parking for orange and blue badge holders, which will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis. Please contact Facilities Management (020 7983 4750) in advance if you require a parking space or further information.

Download Agenda papers

3. Declarations of Interests PDF 3. Declarations of Interests RTF
4. Mayor's Report PDF
4. Appendix to Mayor's Report PDF
4. Mayor's Report RTF
5. Questions to the Mayor PDF 5. Questions to the Mayor RTF
6. Motions PDF 6. Motions RTF
8. Budget Committee investigation PDF 8. Budget Committee investigation RTF


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