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London Assembly
24 May 2000

Emmanuel Centre 9-23 Marsham Street SW1P 3DW (50 metres north of Romney House)

A meeting of the Assembly will be held to deal with the following business. The public are welcome to attend this meeting which has disabled access.

Trevor Phillips
Chair of London Assembly
19 May 2000

Meetings of the Assembly are be open to the public

If you require special facilities, please phone in advance to David Bays on 020 7983 4207


Downloadable files are grouped at the end of the page, linked from the appropriate agenda item.

1. Minutes of meetings held on 12 May 2000

2. Mayor's Report

3. Standing Orders Committee

4. Mayor's Question Time

5. Questions to employees of the authority

6. Motions

7. Practical arrangements for meetings

8. Any other urgent business


  1. If you want assistance in understanding this report or want a copy in another language or on tape please contact David Bays on telephone 020 7983 4207. If you have questions or want information, please contact John Bennett, Interim Head of Secretariat 020 7983 4203
  2. The Emmanuel Centre offers access for wheelchairs from the Tufton Street entrance. If you want help to access the building, please phone in advance to Simon Grinter on 020 7983 4135.

8 May 2000

Download Agenda papers

PDF files RTF files
1. Minutes of 12 May 2000 PDF 1. Minutes of 12 May 2000 RTF
2. Mayor's Report PDF
2. Questions in order or receipt PDF
2. Mayor's Report RTF
2. Questions in order or receipt RTF
3. Standing Orders Committee PDF 3. Standing Orders Committee RTF
4. Mayor's Question Time PDF 4. Mayor's Question Time RTF
6. Motions PDF 6. Motions RTF
7. Practical arrangements for meetings PDF
7. Practical arrangements for meetings RTF
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